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The TESOL / TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City is 120-150 hours for 4 weeks, including at least 10 hours of practical teaching experience with “real” students participating in ongoing training programs. The TESOL / TEFL program is suitable for professionals of any age and any nationality who are interested in teaching in Vietnam or other countries.



Our TESOL / TEFL course has an academic status and content equivalent to the TESOL CELTA or Trinity certification. The course has two main objectives: 1. to certify future teachers for a successful career as an ESL teacher; and 2. provide both experienced and future teachers with theoretical knowledge, skills and practical teaching experience.

TESOL / TEFL graduates:

  • Willingness to provide an interactive, engaging learning process for students of all ages and skill levels;

  • class management expert;

  • Knowledge of the principles of using and analyzing the language;

  • Knowledge of the “theory of teaching” and its practical application;

There is no doubt that the course is difficult, but it is also useful. You can learn a lot in 4 weeks. You will be taught skills that will allow you to “get down to business” when you start teaching in Vietnam or other countries.

We guarantee that you will receive all the necessary support during the course to make your experience rewarding and memorable.

TESOL's theoretical course mainly takes place at 1, 2, and 3 weeks from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 15:00 (+/-). A practical course (practical lessons on observation and training - at least 10hours) is evenly distributed over 4 weeks and includes several evenings and part of each weekend. In the last week of the curriculum, the focus is on supporting the implementation of the necessary assessment and transition tasks.

The course content includes, but is not limited to: teaching styles, lesson structure, lesson planning, classroom interaction, language teaching, motivation and interest, the development of the entire course, local and international tests, classroom music and art and craft.

You can start on the first day, observe the real ESL activities and record your observations. Next we will guide and support you. In addition, you will be engaged both in the classroom and outside it to complete a series of tasks. You will keep a diary and independently evaluate your teaching experience. You will create a portfolio of training and testing resources that you will implement and evaluate, and then take with you to the learning path. To consolidate your knowledge, you will also fill out short answers to questions, a brief research report, and prepare a detailed training plan for one ESL student. The assessment process is designed to introduce you to a number of real-life scenarios that you are likely to encounter when applying for a job, and to quickly develop the basic knowledge that you will need to use your new skills to learn, manage and interact with real students from all levels and age groups.






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