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There is no doubt, teaching English is a wise career step. The demand for dynamic, qualified English teachers is extremely high. You have every reason to believe that you will find a well-paid teaching job within a couple of weeks after the end of your curriculum. All our TESOL / TEFL trainers have been where you are right now and understand where you want to go. In addition, we have specialists who will work next to you to get your first teaching job.



We are often asked how graduates of the TESOL / TEFL program constantly get the best teaching jobs in Southeast Asia and beyond. Our answer:

  • Each application for the TESOL / TEFL program is carefully checked;

  • We offer a quality product that has accreditation of "superior quality" and international recognition;

  • Our teachers and TESOL / TEFL teachers are qualified professional educators who know how to equip people with the skills they need in order to start a career in teaching English;

  • We have a network of partner schools and language centers created over many years of work in the TESOL / TEFL sector.

Before joining our program, students learn that they have obligations that must be fulfilled - the successful completion of the necessary assessment tasks and professional behavior are just two of these obligations.

So what is the bottom line?

Typically, teaching English in Vietnam allows our TESOL / TEFL graduates to take home (net) somewhere between $ 1,000.00 and $ 2,000.00 per month, depending on where they work , how many hours they work and how much they spend on accommodation, transport and utilities. Most employers indicate and pay a net salary, and then contact the local tax office on behalf of the teacher.

Given that the cost of living in Vietnam is a fraction of what it is in most developed countries, English teachers in this part of the world can really count on saving at least half their income. Teaching English abroad, of course, provides a stable permanent employment, brings a decent income and provides an excellent lifestyle.






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